Bank Money Transfer from UK Accounts to Unicaja

Best euro exchange rates when sending funds from UK to Unicaja bank account in Spain, a currency broker will save you time and money on the transaction.

About Unicaja Banco

Unicaja Exchange RatesUnicaja banco is a Spanish savings bank which was founded in 1991, based in Malaga, Spain and is chartered as a caja de ahorros providing retail banking services. Unicaja operates primarily in the south of Spain with over 700 bank branches spread out around 18 Spanish provinces including Ceuta, Melilla and internationally Brussels, Frankfurt, and London.

Unicaja Banco UK Pound & Euro Exchange Rates

Bank Name | FX Broker ComparisonFX RateGBP to EURFREE QUOTE
Unicaja*3.5%€1.057 infoEnquire
TorFX*0.7%€1.088 infoEnquire
Currencies Direct*0.65% to 1.0%€1.085 to €1.089 infoEnquire

UK pound sterling (GBP) and euro (EUR) currency rates are updated daily at 09:00 GMT.

*Note: A lower FX Rate will give a better exchange rate when transferring money to/from euro. The recommended foreign exchange companies listed on our website can save you money and time with your international currency transfer requirements.

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Euro Transfer to/from Unicaja Bank in Spain

Making a transfer to or from the euro using a bank service could potentially lose you thousands of pounds due to the poor FX margin rate offered. Private currency brokers offer a much more competitive rate of exchange. Example: Currency broker TorFX are one of the UK’s leading and largest foreign currency exchange specialists assisting private individuals and businesses with their foreign currency transfers to and from most countries worldwide.

UK bank to Unicaja account v Currency Brokers

1: Bank money transfer information: General Guidelines – High street banks also charge a commission fee when sending money abroad into another currency – Private brokers offer commission free currency transfers typically over a value of £5000 or €5476.765 euro. Bank transfer commission fees range from £15 to £30 depending on the bank.

2: Unless you pay a premium, high street banks will take from 3 to 7 days for your funds to arrive at the destination bank. Private foreign exchange companies typically complete the transaction between 1 to 3 days.

Sending Money Abroad with Unicaja

To transfer funds abroad from your Unicaja account, you have to give the beneficiary’s IBAN and BIC to the bank. There are two types of transfers:

1: Euro Transfers: transfers exclusively in euros for amounts less than or equal to EUR 50,000 within the European Union, including the precise bank details of the beneficiaries (i.e. BIC and IBAN).

2: International Transfers: any transfers within or to countries outside the European Union (other currencies, no IBAN, etc.)

International transfer requests may be submitted by fax as long as you have signed a request at your local Unicaja branch.

Unicaja Euro Transfer Exchange Rate

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General Information
Unicaja Euro and UK Pound Exchange Rates
Unicaja Euro and UK Pound Exchange Rates
Compare foreign exchange rates when transferring money to or from your Unicaja euro bank account to UK pounds, US dollars or other popular currencies.
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