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Terms, Conditions and our Financial Disclaimer Policy for Use of this Website

This disclaimer sets out the user terms and conditions for our Website at www.eurotransfer.co.uk, the “Website” and includes revisions, together with a Financial Disclaimer, the “Financial Disclaimer Policy” which you should read.

Revisions to our Website Terms, Conditions and Financial Disclaimer

We may revise our Website terms, conditions and our Financial Disclaimer Policy which relate to our Website on a regular basis. By using or browsing our Website, you agree to periodically review our Website terms, conditions and Financial Disclaimer Policy, and to be aware of any such revisions made. Should any revision be unacceptable to you, you agree to stop using our Website. Your continued use of our Website following such notification of any such revision (or revisions) shall be deemed as acceptance of and agreement to abide by all such revisions.

Terms & Conditions – Personal Information

Within our General Disclaimer, “Personal Information” means any Personal Information relating to a living individual who can be identified from that data (or from that data and other information in our possession). Your Personal Information will not be disclosed outside the group of financial institutes (“Website Partners” and third party advertisers) we work with, except in circumstances advised to you at the time you apply for a product or service provided.

When you apply for a product or service on our Website, you maybe asked for Personal Information that is needed to process your application. Any Personal Information that you provide will only be used for the purposes described at the time of your application and where applicable in the terms and conditions that apply to the relevant third party product or service.

We may use your Personal Information (including your full name, IP and email address) to process promotional newsletters, offers and to provide general customer service. We may also collect user Personal Information for marketing purposes and to conduct research and analysis.

It is sometimes necessary for us to disclose user Personal Information for the same purposes to companies that work with us or advertise with us. For example, we may provide certain collected Personal Information to companies, including our Website Partners and third party advertisers that perform business operations or services, including marketing services, on our behalf. We may provide certain Personal Information to others as permitted by law, such as to government entities or other third parties in response to fraud prevention or money laundering.

If we transfer your Personal Information to a service provider or agent in another country, we will make sure that the service provider or agent agrees to apply the same levels of protection as we are required to apply to Personal Information held in the UK and to use your Personal Information only for the purpose of providing the service to us.

Privacy & Cookies – Full Policy

We regard your privacy as very important, we therefore follow strict security procedures in accordance with our legal obligations under EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). For further information on our full Privacy / Cookies policy click here

Financial Disclaimer Policy

Our Website displays data, content, articles and general information for individuals and businesses regarding foreign currency exchange and related financial services and whilst all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of our Website content, no responsibility can be taken for any omission or error. We do not guarantee that our Website is fault free and we do not accept liability for any errors or omissions to our Website data that is displayed.

We are not authorised to give advice under the UK Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. The information contained within the articles, data or content on our Website are intended for information and interest only, and not to either provide advice to, or to address the particular requirements of any individual.

We do not fully endorse any specific investment, advisor or other service or product, or any material submitted by third parties, or linked to or from our Website.

We do not offer any legal, financial or other advice, either regarding the nature, potential value or suitability of any particular investment, security or investment strategy, or otherwise.

You should not rely on any material in our Website to take (or refrain from taking) any individual decision or action. Any individual or collective decision to make a foreign exchange or financial decision is the sole responsibility of the individual as we do not offer financial advice of any kind.

If you need financial assistance in subjects contained within our Website you should contact a qualified Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) who can advise you accordingly.

(Information updated for in compliance with the latest UK & EU regulation)