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General Enquiries

We aim to help both individuals and businesses find a better, faster and cheaper way to transfer money securely overseas.

Sending money overseas in most cases is straightforward, however, if you’ve a general enquiry or question relating to money transfers or “bank to bank” international payments, you can email us directly:

Corporate Enquiries

We collect, process and display specific financial data relating to major currencies, financial service providers and related foreign exchange rate margins. All of our foreign exchange market data is sourced from multiple financial data providers and international banks.

The detailed currency exchange rate information displayed on our website is cross-checked to ensure accuracy, although the actual currency exchange rates displayed often change and are therefore automatically updated multiple times each day.

If you are a bank, building society or other financial organisation representative and have a request or a general question, you can email us directly:

Affiliates & Partnerships

Our company works with several carefully selected business partners and affiliates. We take care to ensure any associated business promotions are relevant and of value to our website visitors.

If you would like to find out more about working with us then please email us directly:

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