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*Note: A lower FX Rate will give a better exchange rate when transferring money to/from euro.

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WorldFirst is one of the leading foreign exchange companies in the UK and was founded in 2004 with the sole aim of improving the experience clients have when transferring money around the world. Whether buying property overseas, transferring a pension or salary, or simply making a one-off international payment, WorldFirst ensures the process is smooth, hassle-free and cost efficient.

Following remarkable success, WorldFirst has become the fastest growing, and now one of the largest currency brokers in the UK. They are authorised by the FCA, client funds are safeguarded and held in segregated accounts, and they have strong financials which they are extremely transparent with.

If you are looking for a reputable foreign exchange company, WorldFirst would be a good example.

Saving You Money

There are a number of ways WorldFirst saves clients money on their international currency transfers. The most obvious way is by offering better exchange rates than the banks. When working out your exchange rate, WorldFirst works from the live interbank rate, and they use a far smaller margin than is typically used by banks and other companies. The result is that you save anywhere up to 4 percent on the total amount you are transferring.

Further savings can be found as there are no transfer commission fees whatsoever. Some banks will charge a commission of up to £40 per transaction.

Exceptional Service

WorldFirst’s reputation is largely down to the fantastic level of service they offer to each client. Regardless of your requirements you are given your own personal dealer, who is at hand to answer any questions you may have and help in any way they can. There is no cost to having an account, and you are not obligated to use their services in any way, except if you actually book a transfer.

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