Currencies Direct Business Payments

Currencies Direct Regular Pound to Euro Business Payments Abroad

With Currencies Direct, sending monthly business payments overseas to pay for employees, products, services, overheads or other business costs is cheaper, quicker and generally less hassle than using a high street bank service. The table below compares UK high street banking services with Currencies Direct, showing the lowest monthly transfer amounts, together with the minimum term offered for the broker or bank:

Bank Name | FX Broker ComparisonMin. TermMin. AmountComm. Fee£ to € Rate
Enquire6 months£250£0€1.139 info
BarclaysPer Transfer£1*£25 to £40 info€1.129 info
First DirectPer Transfer£1*£25 info€1.093 info
HalifaxPer Transfer£1*£9.50 info€1.093 info
HSBCPer Transfer£1*£17 to £30 info€1.08 info
Lloyds BankPer Transfer£1*£30 info€1.093 info
NatwestPer Transfer£1*£22 info€1.092 info
RBSPer Transfer£1*£22 info€1.091 info
SantanderPer Transfer£1*£19 info€1.093 info

*Note: Commission fees are based on the bank or broker’s standard method of transferring money overseas to other currencies (example: GBP to EURO / EURO to GBP).

Currencies Direct Business Transfers or Regular Payments Abroad

For businesses who transfer regular amounts overseas to make payments in the euro or other popular European currencies, using a currency broker like Currencies Direct is a money saving decision if your monthly transfers exceed £250. For smaller amounts you’ll have to continue using a local bank service.