UK Bank Exchange Rates

UK Pounds Sterling to Euro Rates – Banks v Brokers

Compare the best FX brokers against the popular UK high street bank exchange rates from UK pounds to the euro and make a smarter currency transfer today.

If you need to arrange a money transfer to or from GBP (UK pounds sterling) to EUR (euro) then you should consider that using a high street bank to make your euro transfer will cost significantly more than using a private currency transfer provider. Sending money abroad into euro with a private currency provider is now easier than ever and in most cases the money will arrive at your designated bank account either same day or next day.

Bank Name | FX Broker ComparisonFX RateGBP to EURFREE QUOTE
TorFX (Recommended Broker)*0.7%€1.124 infoEnquire
Barclays*1.9%€1.11 infoEnquire
First Direct*5.0%€1.075 infoEnquire
Halifax*5.0%€1.075 infoEnquire
HSBC*6.1%€1.063 infoEnquire
Lloyds Bank*5.0%€1.075 infoEnquire
Natwest*5.1%€1.074 infoEnquire
RBS*5.2%€1.073 infoEnquire
Santander*5.0%€1.075 infoEnquire

Bank Euro Exchange Rate – Currency Transfer Alternatives

Cheaper and speedier than UK banks, our recommended euro currency transfer brokers listed below. Calculations are based on the lowest FX margin rates. Also, money transfers from UK sterling to the euro are commission free with these currency brokers.

Bank Name | FX Broker ComparisonFX RateGBP to EURFREE QUOTE
TorFX*0.7%€1.124 infoEnquire
WorldFirst*0.7%€1.124 infoEnquire